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This is where you will find the information you need to join WRCS.

Membership Application Form, Club Rules, Wings Promotions, Member Guidelines and WRCS Membership Fees. (Click the item for more information and downloads)

Membership Application Form

Joining WRCS is easy! Download the Membership Form and email the Registrar – (WRCS.registrar@gmail.com). Please read the Club Rules before submitting your Membership Application. WRCS Club Rules are for your safety and the safety of others and as a WRCS Member you agree to abide by these rules.

Have a look at the Learn to Fly page for more information.

Learning to Fly and our Instructors

We have a team of volunteer Instructors who can guide you every step of the way. Your Instructor will be able to answer your questions, then help you with model selection, safety and the equipment you will need to get started. Your instructor will help you through all the steps to get you into the air. You will learn take-off, controlled flight then your first successful landing and finally going solo. When you have mastered these skills and can fly safety, you will be awarded your Bronze Wings which allows you to fly solo at a time that suits you. Click here to find out more.

WRCS Club Rules

As a WRCS member you agree to abide by these rules. The Club rules can be found here.

Wings And Wings Promotion (Including Forms)

Bronze/Silver Wings – The first step in learning to fly is to obtain your Bronze Wings. Your WRCS Instructor will work with you through the learning process, answering questions and teaching you the basics of flight so that you will be able to fly solo in no time. To be awarded Bronze Wings students are required to safely complete the manoeuvres outlined in the MAAA Bronze Wing/Silver Application Assessment Form

Silver Wings – Once you have obtained your Bronze Wings you will be able to develop your skill explore aspects of the hobby that interest you. When you have developed your skills, and are ready, have a chat to one of our Instructors and move up to Silver Wings. Silver Wings requires another Assessment process which our Instructors can help you with.

Gold Wings – To achieve Gold Wings pilots must be able to demonstrate a higher level of proficiency and be able to carry out a range of more difficult manoeuvres as outlined in the MAAA Gold Wings Assessment Form. Gold Wings are required to fly aircraft over 7kg in weight and may be a requirement for pilots wishing to participate in flying events at other club.

Member Guidelines and Tips

The Member Resources page provides lots of information about access to the Club, what to do when you are at the field, Lost Trackers and Recovery, Li-Po Battery Management and lots more.

WRCS Member Fee

Our fees are made up of WRCS Subscription, Aeromodellers NSW (ANSW) Affiliation/Insurance and a Gate Key Fee. Full and half yearly Memberships are available. Click here for the current fees. Contact the Registrar (WRCS.registrar@gmail.com) for more information.